HiBoost PRO Quint 100,000


PRO Quint 100,000 Kit (F27-5S)  full duplex mobile communication repeaters  are the perfect solution for providing a wireless improvement in the cellular reception of a high-rise building, basement, hotel, shopping mall, tunnel, etc., in the quickest time possible. Designed to improve mobile signals for end users directly, this high powered booster covers an area up to 100,000 sq ft to provide clear calls and high speed data. With the capacity to support over 200 cell phone and device users, everyone can enjoy the freedom of clear calls and constant high speed data.


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Smart HiBoost Functions


HiBoost Enterprise 4G (F27-5S) repeater has Manual Gain Control (MGC) feature that enables engineers to reduce the gain of the repeater manually if oscillation is detected or too strong input power level during installation. This will help to get the best coverage effect without any interference back to mobile network..

Indication LEDs

To maintain safe and specific output signal levels during the repeater’s operation, this repeater has a built-in signal oscillation detection circuit to adjust the gain automatically so as to avoid interference to the cellular network. It also has color changing LED to indicate its environmental status: the Alarm LED’s located on the front of the unit (Alarm Low & Alarm High) will change color from green to orange or red, (depending on the input power level) if the system detects signal oscillation in either band or if the input signal is beyond a safe limit.

Safe and Healthy

Longer Phone Battery Life

Since mobile coverage gets stronger with a mobile amplifier, all mobile devices in the area will spend less energy and charge. As a result, the booster decreases mobile phone electromagnetic emissions by up to 60 times and prolongs mobile phone battery life.

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RF Parameter

Uplink 698-716 / 776 – 787 / 824-849 / 1850-1915 / 1710-1780
Downlink 728-746 / 746 – 757 / 869-894 / 1930-1995 / 2110-2180
Uplink/Downlink 80dB/83dB
Uplink/Downlink 20dBm/27dBm
MGC ( Step Attenuation) >31dB/1dB step
AGC Adjust automatic, with auto shut off function
V.S.W.R Typical<2dB

LED Alarm

Power LED Power indicator
ALC LED Orange @ ALC 1~5dB, Red @ ALC 15~20dB,Flashing Red @LED off after 5 seconds

Mechanical Parameter

I/O Port N-Female
Dimensions 11″ x 15.7″ x 2″
Booster Weight 17.6 lbs

Electrical Parameter

Power Supply Input AC100~240V,output DC12V / 7A
Impedance 50 ohm

Environmental Parameter

Operating Temperature -25c ~ +55c
Environment Conditions IP40

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